About Our All Natural, Heritage Pork...

Devon Point Farm raises all natural, heritage breed Red Wattle and Gloucester Old Spot crossed pigs. No hormones, no antibiotics, and no steroids! Humanely raised and butchered. Order a HALF or WHOLE pig today, Click Here for our Pork Order Form (more details below) or visit our Farm Store to purchase individual cuts (listed below).

You can now buy individual cuts of our heritage pork right at the farm in Connecticut! We are minutes away from nearby Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Click on our CONTACT US Page to see our current Farm Store Hours. You can also order ahead to buy in BULK and save Money, scroll down for information on buying by the HALF or WHOLE Pig.

Our model is simple, we use select heritage breeds, known for marbling on the best feed possible... a custom mix of unprocessed (not heat treated or pelletized) whole grains, trace minerals and lots and lots of our organically grown vegetables! They have a giant area to roam freely in, rooting around and creating compost for our fields! They are never fed any restaurant scraps or stale bakery products! No chemicals in our pork!

For Sale At Our Farm Store:

Pork Chops $11/lb
Country-Style Spare Ribs $11/lb
Rack Spare Ribs $11/lb
Loin Roasts $10/lb 
Shoulder Roasts $10/lb (great for BBQ or pulled pork)
Butt Roasts $10/lb (great for BBQ or pulled pork)
Sausage (Hot, Sweet, or Breakfast)
Ground Pork $10/lb
Bacon $12/lb
Hams $11/lb
Ham Steaks $12/lb
Smoked Ham Hocks (great for soups) $11/lb
Leaf Lard or Fat Back (for rendering into lard) $4/lb

We charge $5.35 per pound "dressed" weight, plus the cost of the butchering and smoking, which is also based on the dressed weight of the pig. “Dressed” means the weight once the entrails are removed.We have several sizes available, please email or call for exact pricing of what we have available. A whole pig usually weighs between 200 to 250 pounds, for a cost of $1,000 to $1,250 plus butchering. A Half pig, is just that, about 100-125 pounds dressed weight, for a cost of $500 to $750 plus butchering. The weights will vary as each pig varies a little in size. The pigs are USDA butchered into individually wrapped, cryovac vacuum sealed packages, delivered back to the farm frozen for you to purchase or pick up.


We have pigs available by the HALF and WHOLE, that were just butchered! This is our last processing for this year, we won’t be butchering pigs again until the Spring. Email us at devonpointfarm@gmail.com to order your pork today! or CLICK HERE for a downloadable PDF order form.

Whether you order a half pig, or whole pig, when you buy in bulk, you’ll get the following cuts:

  • Pork chops 1" thick, 2 per package

  • Loin Roasts, 3-4 lbs in size, individually wrapped

  • Pork Butt Roasts, 3-4 lbs in size, individually wrapped

  • Country style spare ribs, 2 per package

  • Sausage, 1 lb. packages of both sweet and hot sausage

  • Shoulder, fresh (not smoked) and cut in 1/2 into 4-5 lb roasts

  • Hams, smoked and cut with center cut ham slices and 5-7 lb roasts on the ends

  • Bacon, smoked, thick cut slices, in 1 lb packages

  • Rack Spare ribs

  • Leaf lard (Fat back available too for rendering into Lard)

  • Feet, cut into hocks and trotters

We raise heritage Red Wattle and heritage Gloucester Old Spot cross. We prefer a heritage breed for their superior taste, quality and natural foraging ability.

About Red Wattles:
Connoisseurs describe Red Wattle meat as unusually flavorful and tender. Chef Kevin Gillespie serves Red Wattle pork at Spokane’s prestigious Luna restaurant, as does chef Mario Batali at the posh Del Posto restaurant in New York City (Hobby Farms Magazine)

…red wattles produce what is possibly the best tasting pork in the world. In blind taste tests, they have bested many other breeds of pig. Their meat is deep red and interlaced with rich veins of fat. When cooked the fat liquefies, imbuing the meat with moisture and a complex broth that seems perfectly balanced to appeal to every carnivorous neuron that still pulses in our primitive brain centers. To eat properly roasted red wattle pork unadorned by spices and condiments is to partake of one of the greatest and purest culinary delights (Greenfire Farms)

About Gloucestershire Old Spots:
The meat of the Gloucestershire Old Spots is known to be superior to that of commercially-raised meat from more common breeds, even earning the first-ever Traditional Specialty Guaranteed designation for swine of any breed from the EU Commission, which is akin to designations for Champagne and Parmigiano-Reggiano that guarantee their provenance and quality. Gloucestershire Old Spot meat is very delicate – even its fat is edible and milky. Old Spots carry a distinct layer of backfat and marbling within their meat, making them the bacon pig of choice for many.

Typically a pig will yield about 65-75% of the dressed weight. So a pig that dressed out at 200 pounds may yield about 150 pounds of meat. If you keep the head, hocks, and lard the yield will be much more. Using this math, your final cost per pound for that final yield weight of meat may be between $8.45 and $8.66 per pound depending on how much is smoked and of course, the size of the pig. (Note: We sell out of individual cuts of bacon, ham for $12/lb. and pork roasts for $10/lb.)

You’ll need about 4-5 cubic feet of freezer space for the whole pig.

Don’t have enough freezer space for a whole pig? Consider “PIG-POOLING…” splitting a pig (and the costs) with a friend, family member or neighbor!

To reserve a pig, please fill out our Pig Order Form. You’ll need to send a deposit check (nonrefundable) with your completed order form... $250 for a half pig and $500 for a whole pig. You don’t have to decide on how to butcher your pig until the end of the summer and balances will be due once the butcher knows the final dressed weight. 

Where to Pickup Your Pork:

Your finished pork will be delivered by the butcher back to the farm for pickup here. We’ll give everyone as much notice as possible of when this will be. 


Visit our Farm Store or Place an Order to Enjoy Our Heritage Pork today!

Devon Point Farm is OPEN for Raw Apple Cider, Fresh Cider Donuts, Apples by-the-bag, Grass Fed Beef, Heritage Pork, Organic Seasonal Vegetables and Fall Decorations: OPEN THURSDAYS 3-6 pm and WEEKENDS 10-4 pm until Thanksgiving.
Call or EMAIL us at devonpointfarm@gmail.com to ORDER YOUR PORK today!