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What we do… 'beyond organic'… isn't the easy way, or the low-cost way, but we think it's better for the animals, better for the planet, and results in better tasting and healthier products for our customers.

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Images of our American Milking Devons...

New Herd Sire, 'Raphael'. We are now breeding for A2 milk!American Milking Devons are easy going, good natured and highly trainable.Winter Hay for cattleAnd more hayNew life on Devon Point Farm...Our herd sire Stonewall stroll under an apple treeUntil the cows come homeCows in the winter barnThis is what a great Devon looks likeCows like Christmas lights too!Form a line,hold the line!Apprentice checking fencesErick walking 'Viola' out to pastureMother and calfDevons at sunsetA newborn Devon calfErick with one of our Devon CowsErick moving cattle through rotational grazing pasturesOur herd sire, 'Stonewall''Stonewall' our herd sire'Stonewall' our herd sireRay Ludwig with a team of Devon oxenErick & our daughter Lexi walking her calf, 'Abigail'our daughter Lexi riding 'Viola''Lady Diurna' named for the wonderful woman who sold us our first pair of heifers in 2000our herd of American Milking Devon Cattleour herd of American Milking Devons grazinga goofy picture of 'Lady Di'our American Milking Devon calvesa calf on halterour daughter Lexi with a calfErick & Lexi with ViolaAdrienne with 'Max'