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We will open for the Season on Friday, June 8, 3-6:30 pm! 

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•'Beyond Organic' Vegetables

• Raw Milk, Raw Honey, Maple Syrup

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What we do… 'beyond organic'… isn't the easy way, or the low-cost way, but we think it's better for the animals, better for the planet, and results in better tasting and healthier products for our customers.
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PORK - All Natural, No hormones, No chemicals

Order your pig today from Devon Point Farm!

Want All-Natural, Hormone and Chemical-Free Pork?

Heritage Breed Pigs for Pork - Buy a half or Whole Pig! Heritage Breed Piglets for Pork!

Click here for our Pig - Pork Order Form!

Due to increasing demand for our gourmet, all-natural, heritage breed pork, in 2018 we will be raising pigs for butcher in both SPRING (May/June) (SPRING PIGS ARE SOLD OUT).... YOU CAN STILL ORDER:  MID-SUMMER (AUGUST) and FALL (Sept/Oct) PIGS!! We are  raising heritage Red Wattle and heritage Gloucester Old Spot cross. We prefer a heritage breed for their superior taste, quality and natural foraging ability.

"As you know, we already ordered our pig, a whole pig this time.  We're about to run out of our half pig, and I want to cry because I don't know what to do until we'll get more pork. This pork is the best pork I've ever had in my life.  Period.  And I've had a lot of pork in my life.  We have a lot of pork in Germany.It's amazing, especially the bacon and the lard I made from it.  That LARD!  I have to bring you a jar when we come to pick up the farm share.  It's all white and snowy and fluffy and I use it for everything, even baking and pancakes and it's SO good.  It's awesome in the bread, too. Thank god the lard is going to last for a while, probably all the way until we get the new pig. Can't wait for the vegetable season!" Best, Idun Green, 2016 

Gourmet Pork from Heritage Red Wattle Pigs
Gourmet Pork from heritage Red Wattle Pigs!

Gourmet pork from heritage breed pigs: Gloucester Old Spots and Red Wattles

Our Gloucester Old Spots and Red Wattle Pigs spoon each other during naps!

All Natural Pork and Pigs at Devon Point Farm in Woodstock Connecticut near Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Pastured pork with organic vegetables

All Natural Pork and Pigs for sale. Pasture organic vegetable fed pigs in Connecticut Massachusetts Rhode Island

We Take Great Care of our all natural pigs, pasture perfect means Erick takes a nap with the pigs!

At Devon Point Farm,
we take good care of our pigs.
If they have trouble sleeping,
Erick will even tuck them in at night.

Pigs love organic vegetables. All Natural pork for sale. Order today. Devon Point Farm Connecticut

Our pigs get to eat our
'Beyond Organic' vegetables.
Remember... you are what you eat, 
and what they eat.

Here’s how it will work:

We will grow your pig for you, charging you $5.35 per pound “dressed” weight and you can specify how you would like your pig butchered (custom cut) and then pay for the butchering directly to the butcher. That way you can decide how much of the pig you would like fresh, smoked or made into sausage and bacon.

What breed of pig?

Every year we get heritage breed pigs. We prefer a heritage breed for their superior taste, quality and natural foraging ability. This year we are raising Red Wattles and Gloucestershire Old Spots. 

Red Wattles: 
Connoisseurs describe Red Wattle meat as unusually flavorful and tender. Chef Kevin Gillespie serves Red Wattle pork at Spokane’s prestigious Luna restaurant, as does chef Mario Batali at the posh Del Posto restaurant in New York City (Hobby Farms Magazine)

…red wattles produce what is possibly the best tasting pork in the world. In blind taste tests, they have bested many other breeds of pig. Their meat is deep red and interlaced with rich veins of fat. When cooked the fat liquefies, imbuing the meat with moisture and a complex broth that seems perfectly balanced to appeal to every carnivorous neuron that still pulses in our primitive brain centers. To eat properly roasted red wattle pork unadorned by spices and condiments is to partake of one of the greatest and purest culinary delights (Greenfire Farms)

Gloucestershire Old Spots:

The meat of the Gloucestershire Old Spots is known to be superior to that of commercially-raised meat from more common breeds, even earning the first-ever Traditional Specialty Guaranteed designation for swine of any breed from the EU Commission, which is akin to designations for Champagne and Parmigiano-Reggiano that guarantee their provenance and quality. Gloucestershire Old Spot meat is very delicate – even its fat is edible and milky. Old Spots carry a distinct layer of backfat and marbling within their meat, making them the bacon pig of choice for many.


How will the pigs be raised?

No hormones, no antibiotics. The pigs will have plenty of fresh air, clean water and be fed vegetable scraps from our all-natural vegetable CSA farm share program, and supplemented with a custom mix of whole unprocessed grains and trace minerals. 

When and where butchered:

In 2018 we will be raising pigs for butcher in both SPRING (May/June), MID-SUMMER (August) and FALL (Sept/Oct). We will determine the exact “when” by gauging their growth rate and harvesting them at their optimum size to yield a 200-250 pound dressed weight. We have tested two different butchers and are confident that either one will do an excellent job of processing our pigs. They both do an excellent job of smoking and making sausage as well. Your custom cut sheets will be filled out with the help of Patty a week or two prior to the pigs going to butcher.

The cost of a pig:

We will charge $5.35 per pound for the “dressed” (hanging) weight of the pig. “Dressed” means the weight once the entrails are removed. The pigs target weight will be approximately 200 to 250 pounds, for a cost of $1,000 to $1,250. The weights will fluctuate as this is more of an art than a science, and each pig varies a little in size. 

Towards the end of the summer, each pig buyer will fill out their own custom cut sheet with the butcher (this can usually be done over the phone). Last Fall’s butchering worked out to be between $1.34 and $1.50 per pound depending on how much of the pig you have smoked (smoking costs more per pound).  So, the butchering cost should be between $268 and $300 for a pig that dresses out at 200 pounds; or between $335 and $375 for a pig that dresses out at 250 pounds.

Your final cost paying both the farm and the butcher should be between $6.34 and $6.50 per pound dressed weight depending on how much meat you have smoked. 

What’s the final yield?
Typically a pig will yield about 65-75% of the dressed weight. So a pig that dressed out at 200 pounds may yield about 150 pounds of meat. If you keep the head, hocks, and lard the yield will be much more. Using this math, your final cost per pound for that final yield weight of meat may be between $8.45 and $8.66 per pound depending on how much is smoked and of course, the size of the pig. (Note: We sold out of individual cuts of bacon, ham for $13/lb. and pork roasts for $11/lb. last summer.)

You’ll need about 4-5 cubic feet of freezer space for the whole pig.

Don’t Have Enough Freezer Space For a Whole Pig?

Consider splitting a pig (and the costs) with a friend, family member or neighbor!

How To Reserve Your Pig:

To reserve a pig, please fill out our Pig Order Form. You’ll need to send a deposit check (nonrefundable) with your completed order form... $250 for a half pig and $500 for a whole pig. You don’t have to decide on how to butcher your pig until the end of the summer and balances will be due once the butcher knows the final dressed weight. The balance owed to Devon Point Farm must be paid in full prior to the butcher breaking the pig down into individual cuts. From the time we email you with the final balance due, you will have 2 days to pay the outstanding balance in full to Devon Point Farm.

Where to Pickup Your Pork:

We will pick up your finished pork at the butcher’s and bring it back to the farm for distribution. We’ll give everyone as much notice as possible of when this will be. Please note, it will require two trips to our farm as the fresh pork comes back first and the smoked pork (ham/bacon) takes an additional 3 weeks before it is ready.

Please note: Pigs are a “seasonal” farm product at Devon Point Farm, we will only be growing and butchering one batch of pigs this summer… pigs are reserved on a first-come, first-served basis and last year we were not able to fill everyone's orders... we sold out, so don't delay...order yours today!!

Click here for our Pig - Pork Order Form!

 All Natural Pork Organic Pig Meat For Sale. Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts
Pigs love to root around. We give ours plenty of free-range space in which to root, roll, wallow and oink around. Pigs especially like "pig mountain"... a big pile of compost on which they get play king of the mountain!

You might what to learn more about why we go through the efforts to raise a "fat pig"  and why we chose a breed that is expensive to purchase, raise and grow slowly...
About FAT:

Fat only became a bad thing in modern industrialized agriculture, where the fat produced was a by product of chemical laden animal feed, vaccinations and the confinement environment that the livestock were raised in. Prior to that period an animal without fat was valueless.

Fat is what makes the meat moist and flavorful when cooked. Fat is in of itself not bad for you, it comes down to the feed that made the fat. For example, Acorn fattened pigs are the most expensive meat in the world, it's the type of fat and the amount of fat that creates the value.


In 2016 we raised Gloucester Old Spot and Berkshire Cross pigs because they will produce good marbling and a fat covering. The two breeds have complimentary qualities. You can compare it to growing and blending wine grapes. If you take two wine grapes with complimentary qualities and flavors and blend them together, you end up with something far superior and amazing. Is is the same with Pork!

Fat is a great a thing depending on the type of fat, which is directly connected to the what the pigs were fed. Our model is simple, we use a select heritage breeds, known for marbling on the best feed possible... a custom mix of unprocessed (not heat treated or pelletized) whole grains, trace minerals and lots and lots of our organically grown vegetables! Never any restaurant scraps or stale bakery products! No hormones, no antibiotics, and no steroids!

When you buy a pig from Devon Point Farm, you are NOT buying a factory-farmed "SKINNY PIG"! We hope you ENJOY THE FAT!!


What our customers say:

"We already tasted the pork chops in Chinese pan-fried style.It is so delicious and reminds me the real pork flavor at my childhood in Taiwan.I lived in countryside and the pigs were raised in small local farms.I think it is similar breed like your farm’s with black hair.The quality of meat was super, free of antibiotics and hormone.I used to like pork a lot, but not so much in US since I came here 24 years ago. Now we can enjoy delicious pork dish all year round.Thanks a lot for providing good quality meat!!!" - Chi-Hwa Yang, October 2016

"We were so thrilled with our 1/2 a pig from last year (we still have some sausage and chops and one precious pound of bacon!) that we'd like to do a whole pig this time! I had my sister over and made some sausage and there was literally no fat in the pan (I had to add some so it wouldn't burn!) and she was amazed. Really nice job!!!" -- Stacey Rothchild, February 2014

"Just wanted to drop you a note that we enjoyed some of our pig last night. My dad, who is an awesome chef, was here and cooked the kidney, liver, pig's feet, hocks, and neck. He made a wonderful braise with all those parts that usually get discarded. It was delicious! He kept raving about the quality of the meat, and my dad knows good food (which is even funnier since he thought we were crazy for buying all that pork!). My little boys are now crazy about pig's feet." Best, Shirley Ma, Pork Buyer, 2014

"We will definitely be ordering a whole pig this year! It was so yummy. I wanted to also thank you again for your recipe help at Christmas. The ham came out sooooo good. My family raved about it. I was so nervous that I would screw it up so thank you for the pointers!" - Angela LaRue, 2013 

Pork and Pigs for Sale at Organic Farm in Connecticut All Natural Pork


Pigs like to take baths too!