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What we do… 'beyond organic'… isn't the easy way, or the low-cost way, but we think it's better for the animals, better for the planet, and results in better tasting and healthier products for our customers.
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Raw Apple Cider, Make Your Own Hard Apple Cider

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Making Raw Apple Cider at Devon Point Farm the Old-Fashioned Way

Photos of Our Antique Rack-and-Cloth Raw Apple Cider Press at Work...

Raw Apple Cider at Devon Point Farm. Cider Mill.

First, Apples are brought into the pressing room in bins, where they are hand unloaded and inspected for quality. They pass through a 'brusher-washer' to clean them before pressing.

Antique Rack and Cloth Cider Press Cider Mill Connecticut

Next, the apples travel up a conveyor belt called an elevator, to the top of the press to the grater box where the apples fall into the 'grater' which grinds them into a mushy, pulpy "mash". 

A rack and cloth antique Boomer Boschert press in use at Devon Point Farm

Below the stainless steel grinder chute is where we make a stack of racks and clothes to contain the apple mash. Here is Erick laying on another 'rack'.

Raw Apple Cider in the making at Devon Point Farm

A frame is then added on top of the rack, and a cloth spread out over both. The frame forms the mash into a perfect square so it will be easier to make multiple layers of what is called a "cheese". The "cheese" is the apple mash all wrapped in the cloth, and layered in the stack between the racks.  

Spreading the cloth, rack and cloth antique apple cider press

The cloth is then spread carefully out, so that it is even on all sides.

Apple mash comes from the grinder onto the cheese.

The ground apple mash then falls from the grater, through the stainless steel chute onto the cloth, where it is spread using stainless steel hand hoes, to a nice flat even layer.

 Raw Apple Cider and Pick your own pumpkins at Devon Point Farm Connecticut Massachusetts Rhode Island

Once the layer is complete, a small piece of cloth is laid on top to fully cover the mash and keep it contained in the layer of cloth. The frame is then removed by lifting it up off the rack. Then, the entire process is repeated: Another rack is added, the frame is arranged on top of it, and another press cloth spread out. The grinder is turned on and the mash falls onto the cloth and is spread out by hand. 

Turning the press table to make raw apple cider  

Once the stack of racks and clothes is high enough, the entire press table is turned to fit under the press side of the machine.

Boomer Boshert Press

A series of belts and spindles whirr and spin to lower the four vertical screws that lower the press beams down onto the stack of racks and clothes. The pressure gradually increases until the juice begins to squeeze out of the apple mash into the waiting collection box below.

Cold Pressed Raw Organic Apple Cider


The cold-pressed, raw apple cider has no additives, no preservatives and is not pasteurized. It is perfect for drinking just as it is... as sweet apple cider, and because it is not pasteurized, it is also prefect for making hard apple cider and apple cider vinegar as well. 

Raw Apple Cider perfect for making Hard Apple Cider, or Apple Cider Vinegar with the mother

The juice flows from the collection box through a food grade tube into a stainless steel bulk tank where it is chilled and then bottled.

Unpasteurized raw apple cider ready for making hard apple cider or apple cider vinegar

The final product: old-fashioned, raw apple cider, full of natural enzymes, and naturally occurring vitamins and minerals. It is cold pressed, with absolutely no additives. No colorings, no artificial flavors, and no sugar added. It is unpasteurized which means it has not been uv or heat treated. As such, this beautiful cloudy apple juice is lovingly known as sweet cider and it's not only prefect for drinking, or cooking with, it's perfect for making both hard apple cider or apple cider vinegar with the mother in it.

You can get it each Fall at Devon Point Farm in Woodstock, Connecticut!